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This fall, 2023, the fishing season’s highlight in Cabo San Lucas is the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament, and Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas members have always enjoyed the event.

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas wants to ensure all its members can appreciate world-class travel to unique destinations this fall. One of the best destinations for the season is in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo is an exciting destination throughout the year. However, the year’s best events are often found in the fall months. In October, for example, some exciting events in Cabo San Lucas, including anticipated sporting events. Today, Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas would like to share some information on an event that Bisbee held.

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There have been two fishing events held by Bisbee’s this fall, suggests Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas. Though the first of the Bisbee’s events, the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Tournament, takes place. Monday, October 23rd marks the day that anglers and boat captains can begin pre-registering; however, Tuesday, October 24th, is the official registration day for 2023.

The registration process and team bag distribution will occur at the Cabo San Lucas Marina near the Puerto Paraiso Mall from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. At 7:00 pm, the official Captain’s meeting begins, and at least one member from each team is required to attend. Promptly at 7:30, the festivities of the opening ceremony begin.

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas Highlights Bisbee’s Black and Blue

The opening ceremony events often draw large crowds to the marina. Events include the Mexican National anthem being played while the Mexican Naval Escort presents the Flag Honors. There is also the lighting of the tournament torch, Japanese Taiko Drums, Pre-Colombian New Fire Dance, and Cabomax music. It’s a great way to kick off the most expensive fishing tournament of the year.

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas Highlights Bisbee's Black and Blue Tournament 3

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas Highlights Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament


8:00 am Shotgun Start. For those visitors who have never witnessed the start of the tournament, it is a fantastic site to behold. All boats must be behind the starting line by 7:45 am to qualify. Then at 8:00 am, you hear a loud bang, and all the boats take off at once.

8:00 am-5: 00 pm Tournament Fishing; the rules state that all fishing lines must be out of the water no later than 5:00 pm.

2:00 pm-9: 00 pm Weigh Station is open, and located in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall. All boats that arrive inside the harbor entrance before 9:00 pm can weigh their catch of the day.

For many Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas members, this tournament is the highlight of Cabo San Lucas’s fishing season as it is one of Cabo’s oldest fishing tournaments. The Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournament has been an anticipated event in Cabo for over 30 years, and this year is likely to be just as thrilling as years past.

On Saturday, October 28th, the awards celebration begins at the A.P.I Cruise Ship Pier at 6:00 pm. This fun-filled and exciting event always draws a large crowd, and many Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas members go to watch the festivities mainly because the winners often receive checks well over a million dollars.

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas Highlights Bisbee's Black and Blue Tournament 4

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas Highlights Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament


Bisbee Black and Blue Awards Ceremony

So while the drinks are being served and everyone has a nice dinner, everyone is waiting to see how big the checks will be and whose name is on them. For example, the 2022 Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament in Los Cabos total payout was a staggering $11,638,600.00.

Last year, the team “El Mexicano” and fisherman Adrian Ponce de Leon landed the overall winning Marlin that weighed an astounding 461 pounds.
Excitingly caught on the last day of the tournament, the Blue Marlin netted his team first place and a whopping check of $3,263,700 USD. Not bad for a few days of fishing!

Second and third-place winners were pretty good too. Second place was won by Team “Happy Ending, and was awarded a check for $2,533,250 USD. Meanwhile, the third-place winner, Team R.V. Rentals, had landed a 344-pound Blue Marlin, resulting in them going home with a check for $1,590,975 USD.

The tournament included three incredible days of competition, and the final results were phenomenal. Thanks mainly to daily jackpots and other various awards, the three top teams combined made a whopping $7,387,925 USD solidifying the tournament standing as the richest fishing tournament in the world yet again.

The chance to win these types of prizes does come with a cost. Here are the entry fees for this year’s tournament.

Bisbee’s Black & Blue Base Entry and Optional Categories

Category Entry Fee Payout Award Schedule for 2023

  • Base Entry (Required for participation) $5,000.00 50%
    See Base Entry Details Below
  • $500 Daily Jackpot $1,500.00 85% Winner Take All / Day
  • $1k Daily Jackpot, $3,000.00 85% Winner, Take All / Day
  • $2k Daily Jackpot, $6,000.00 85% Winner, Take All / Day
  • $3k Daily Jackpot, $9,000.00 85% Winner, Take All / Day
  • $5k Daily Jackpot, $15,000.00 85% Winner, Take All / Day
  • $10k Daily Jackpot, $30,000.00 85% Winner, Take All / Day
  • Release Category $2,000.00 85% 65.0% / 22.5% / 12.5%
  • Across The Board Entry $71,500.00
  • Krazy Kids ($20k Daily) $60,000.00 100% Winner Take All / Day
  • All-In With Krazy Kids comes to a total of $131,500.00

Anglers can register for the base entry and any or all of the jackpots according to their desires. Then it is time to take their teams out on the water to try to catch the most prominent Black or Blue Marlin and to secure the prize money for their catch.

Those who want to appreciate an incredible vacation this season should seek expert guidance and services from Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas to take a break in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo will come alive this 2023 season, from fishing to nightlife, and no one should miss it.

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