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Rancho San Lucas previews perfect family attractions and activities in Cabo.

Cabo has quickly become the fastest-growing destination in Mexico. This 2020 season will be a record-breaker and keep growing as Cabo is now a world-renowned vacation destination for having the best weather and so many other activities that this once sleepy little fishing village is the new Beverly Hills. With the Golden Zone and Luxury avenue, it would seem that this town has much more than most people ever dreamed of and will continue to keep growing at a fast pace.

For many people, the winter season serves as a long-awaited opportunity for travel. Spending time away from home during the cold winter allows travelers to enjoy the events and celebrations of other cultures, and to turn a regular vacation into one that gives you memories of a lifetime.

When looking for a holiday travel destination this year, vacationers can turn to Rancho San Lucas for recommendations on how to add fun and excitement to their holiday travel itineraries. This year, if you feel like heading to a beach-side destination such as Cabo San Lucas, here are some suggestions to help you enjoy attractions that incorporate the sun and surf.

rod and reels by Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas

When arriving in Cabo San Lucas, travelers will find that many attractions beckon travelers year-round, but many other options will be available to travelers only if they visit during the winter months.

Some of the most desirable seasonal offerings include sport fishing. Fishing is abundant during this time of year, especially for serious anglers who want to challenge themselves with the prospect of catching a tuna, marlin, or sailfish that thrive in Cabo’s waters. For more family entertainment, there are also whale watching tours. The best viewing times are typically between December and April. Humpback whales come to the warm waters around Cabo to breed and raise their babies because food is abundant for them. Travelers of all ages delight when they go out on boat tours and have the opportunity to see the whales up close in their natural environment.

Humpback Whale breaching in deep blue

According to Rancho San Lucas, a vacation in Cabo San Lucas also offers ample opportunities for other incredible entertainment in Cabo San Lucas. The historic center of San Jose del Cabo is a fabulous area to walk around, and it offers many restaurants and shops selling everything imaginable. Nearby Todos Santos is anchored by the historic mission in the center of town, but it is also filled with unique restaurants and all kinds of shops where visitors can find souvenirs to take home with them.

Colorful Sombrero magnet souvenirs in Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico by Rancho San Lucas

A relaxing day or evening just lounging on one of the many white-sand beaches will also put the perfect touch on holiday stay in Cabo San Lucas. For all these reasons and many more, this enchanting city is indeed an ideal destination for winter travel for the whole family.

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