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Rancho San Lucas, one of the premier resorts in Los Cabos, welcomes all guests from 2023 to Thanksgiving.

After a challenging year, we all had to deal with the last 24 months of ups and downs. It sure is nice to get back to Cabo and Rancho San Lucas. We understand this is your home away from home and are just happy to get out and be free to travel and have the fun we all want and enjoy

Finding a pumpkin pie mix or whipped cream was challenging fifteen years ago in Los Cabos. Only a handful of turkeys were available for sale for Thanksgiving dinners sold at the local markets, and they were sold quickly. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and vegetables were never a real challenge to locate if you had a great recipe, of course, even better. But all of the other fixings or trimmings took a lot of work to come by.

Costco has a fridge dedicated to turkeys, and pumpkin pies are beside it. It is much easier to plan a party and host a gathering. For visitors or part-time residents of Los Cabos who spend the fall/winter and sometimes even spring months here, there are a few key holidays, one of which is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Dinner is not Celebrated in Mexico

Rancho San Lucas Explores The Options of Spending the Thanksgiving Holiday in Los Cabos 1

For Canadians and Americans, Thanksgiving is an essential day of rest and to give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives. While Thanksgiving is not a Mexican holiday, the stores, restaurants, resorts, and hotels all know this is important to those residents and visitors from the North.

Canadians recognize their day of thanks in October, while Americans do so in November. You have various options for celebrating, and nowadays, it is easy and fun, and there is no stress involved in the planning!

Thanksgiving Dinner Table, Overhead Shot, Long Banner

You can plan your gathering. Between the big box stores, Wal-Mart and Costco have some premade trays of all your tasty treats, and other stores; also, you can find everything you need to make a great meal. Resorts nowadays are equipped to handle cooking a full meal and have all the required utensils.

If that sounds like a lot of work, the traditional holiday meals served at the table or buffet style at the Rancho San Lucas are always options.

You can make a reservation, gather with your family, and let the staff handle all the details while you enjoy the moments with family and friends. This is a great way to spend the Holiday and is much less stressful.

Football is also a big part of Thanksgiving for many Americans. The sports bars and lounges will have the games on, and several downtown bars and restaurants will have unique Thanksgiving specials for your enjoyment to watch the games and enjoy lunch or dinner out.

Make sure you make reservations; Thanksgiving is a popular time to spend in Los Cabos and grows in popularity yearly. Visitors appreciate that the locals have embraced their traditions, and their Holiday has become a local Holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving. Autumn Composition With Leaves, Ripe Pumpkin

This gives that feeling of hominess in Los Cabos while at the same time making it less stressful to cook (and clean). Now you can relax and be thankful in paradise.

Rancho San Lucas is a five-star resort that offers a vacation experience that takes excellence to the next level. We have a signature Greg Norman Golf course on sight, so why not enjoy some Turkey and play a round of golf this year in style?

I’m sure sharing your pictures on Facebook will make your friends envious of your Thanksgiving day events. The best part is that playing 18 holes will be great for your waistline. Be safe, and best wishes to all.

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