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Rancho San Lucas members and guests know that Cabo is one of Mexico’s top shopping destinations. With a variety of shopping located in the Golden Zone and one particular place for some authentic Mexican Art, it’s hard not to love it.

You can shop in Mexico for clothes, shoes, handbags, blankets, and ceramics. But it would help if you were careful during your shopping. Rancho San Lucas is here to give the best tips on comfortably shopping in Cabo San Lucas.

Before shopping in Mexico, it is recommended that you do some research on current prices. This tip is critical when looking for more expensive items like silver jewelry.

street vendor at Cozumel by Rancho San Lucas

Finding a bargain necklace from a beach vendor is not such a bargain when it turns out it is not made of silver. Also, be aware that the .925 stamp may very well be a forgery if it is not crisp or perfect.

The best tip is to shop in reputable stores where you may pay a little more, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you got what you wanted. If you choose to purchase from a beach vendor, it is essential to understand how to bargain, or you will potentially end up paying double the price.

Mexican Pottery On Display In Cabo San Lucas

Rancho San Lucas Tips For Shopping During Your Trip To Cabo

If you don’t understand or speak Spanish, you will want to shop with someone who does. Most of these independent merchants will quote you a higher price for the items at the beginning just to test your bargaining prowess.

They will also quote you higher prices if you primarily communicate in English. In either language, it is expected to respond with a lower amount than what they offered. Also, if you purchase multiple of their items, it is reasonable to ask for a discount.

As explained earlier, It is well known in Mexico that the demand for items increases when the cruise ship arrives in town. Many cruise ship guests enjoy exploring and shopping in each port city, yet they usually have stringent timeframes to come ashore.

Rancho San Lucas resort

Rancho San Lucas Tips For Shopping During Your Trip To Cabo

That is why it is best to avoid shopping during this time, as the merchants will not tolerate your bargaining, and without negotiation, you will pay much more. However, since many cruise ships have suspended services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a tip to remember for the future.

Rancho San Lucas advises our members and guests to be patient and look around. There are so many shops to view the prices of different items before traveling to shop.

Also, just walking about lets, you identify the shops with the best articles and affordable prices. This will give you a comfortable, less rushed experience during your shopping, and you will even save time to spend it doing something fun.

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