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This magnificent resort Rancho San Lucas located on the Pacific Ocean only minutes from the bustling town of Cabo San Lucas offers so much more than luxury and world-class golf. The fishing in front of the resort is world-class with anglers who love to shore fishing coming from all over the world. Cabo has been the hotspot for years as the fishing capital of the world as boats take there charters off into the waters of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. Yet fishing off the resort just steps away from your villa offers some of the best fishing in the world.

Rancho San Lucas, located in the Los Cabos region in Mexico, has earned a reputation for providing one of the best resort experiences around the world. However, superior accommodation is not the only thing that tourists seek when they come to Cabo. The endless stretch of coastline at Rancho San Lucas Cabo ensures that guests get the opportunity to engage in some exciting sports fishing.

Where is the Best Surf fishing in Cabo (4)

There are numerous locations and spots along the coast with a high population of different fish species. This offers guests the chance to spend some quality time on the shore while enjoying surf fishing in Cabo.

Rancho San Lucas visitors can go for fishing trips whereby guides take you to the various fishing spots on the coastline so that you can try and catch as many fish as your skills can allow. You can also rent the necessary fishing gear to make sure that you are fully equipped before you begin your surf fishing adventure. One place you can get the fishing gear you need is at Stephen Jansens’s tackle shop. The shop is situated near the Mar de Cortez Hotel in downtown Cabo. Here, you’ll find all the gear and equipment you are looking to guarantee a successful surf fish experience. And if you are new to the activity, you can always hire Stephen Jansen, who will guide you during the fishing and make sure that you don’t go back empty-handed.

Fish species to catch at Rancho San Lucas

The waters of the Pacific feature an array of fish variety that has thrived and multiplied in numbers. This should guarantee you that you’ll leave with at least one fish species by the time you are calling it a day. One of the most common targets for surf casters is the Roosterfish, which can grow to weigh more than 100 pounds. Their large size ensures that this sought-after species surf fish will put up quite a fight when hooked. The other type of surf fish you’ll have a chance of catching is the Sierra mackerel. These don’t grow to be too big; they have a slim and streamlined body with golden spots on their sides. They also have very sharp teeth and occur in large numbers. You’ll still have the option to hook more fish types such as the California Yellowtail, Pacific Snook, Dorado, and even Toro.

Where is the Best Surf fishing in Cabo (3)

Where to Surf Fish?

Rancho San Lucas boasts of numerous spots that enthusiasts can go and surf fish, which only serves to make sure you revel in the best surf fishing in Cabo as a truly breathtaking experience. The mix of sandy beaches and rock piles a short distance away from the breakers is usually the ideal territory for Sierra and even dorado.

best sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas by Rancho San Lucas

Meanwhile, rocky points of the regions where submerged reefs can be located are also an excellent place to find the California Yellowtail. Other species such as snappers and groupers can be found. Try to look for areas where you can find freshwater flowing into the sea. These areas provide excellent grounds for the existence of Pacific snook, with some weighing up to 40 pounds having being caught in the past.

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